The Raoul Martineau company was founded in 1935, when the Régie des Transports du Québec first issued a transport permit to Ernest Martineau, as an add-on to his existing firewood business. In 1947, his son Raoul purchased the lumberyard and the transport permit. In 1950, Mr. Martineau bought a plot of land on the east side of 12e Avenue Sud in order to expand his business. With profits from firewood sales dwindling, Mr. Martineau abandoned this division of the business in 1954, to focus exclusively on moving and storage. It was during this period that the first warehouse was built and the first four trucks were acquired.
Déménagement Roy et Martineau - Historique

In 1963,after the company was granted exclusive rights to operate in Sherbrooke as a Customs Warehouse, more land was purchased on the west side of 12e Avenue Sud. By 1974, the company owned a 22,000-ft2 warehouse and a fleet of 11 trucks.

In 1998 Mr. Martineau merged with the Déménagement G. Roy. Administrative offices and operations were moved to the industrial park in Sherbrooke. The company was renamed Déménagement Roy & Martineau.

In 2003, in a return to its roots, the company transferred the entire moving division to the 12e Avenue Sud site.

In 2006 the moving division was sold to Jean-François Collard, president, who brought his brother, Robin, onboard as a mover. Both men had 30 years’ experience in the moving sector.

In 2008, Jean-François Collard sold the company to his brother, Robin Collard, who partnered with his sister, Francine Collard. Finally, in 2010, sole ownership of the company reverted back to Robin Collard.

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